UAV Pilot

UAV Pilot

UAS4STEM Challenge

The AMA has announced the UAS4STEM challenge.  You can read more about this challenge HERE.

The High Desert Radio Control Club is partnering with the Fernley S.T.E.M. Council to gauge the interest of local participants.  If enough interest is gained, we will help to organize resources and teams to make it easier and more fun for all.  You can let us know if you are interested by filling out the form on this page:


New Club Radios

A big thanks to Hobbico for two new TTX850 Tactic radios for our club training aircraft.  The club worked with Dan Landis, the Hobbico Marketing and Outreach Manager, to help with upgrades to our existing aircraft.  Also received were FlightPower batteries and Real Flight 7.5 flight simulator.  These new items will be a big help with keeping our aircraft in the air in support of training new pilots.

For more info on Hobbico and these products, click on the images below!





club Shed in Need of Roof Repairs

Our shed is in need of immediate repairs.  Daylight can be seen coming through the seems in the roof.  This means the shingles need to be replaced to protect our club trainers and equipment.

We need a plan to put materials and manpower in place to get this repaired.  Any support is welcome.