Bomb Drop Competition

Bomb Drop Details
 $5 per pilot.  Each participant will be allowed to drop 3 bombs and each will have a number on it to identify the pilot.  Bombs can be made of any suitable and safe material; bean bags work great.  The Pilot may use any device or mechanism to carry and drop the bombs.  Depending on the number of participants, aircraft will takeoff in small groups, and when all are airborne they will drop their bomb and then land.  They may be dropped one at a time or Bomb Drop 2016 small at once, pilot’s choice.  Please do not drop bombs during other pilot’s announced landings or emergencies.  The intent is to not hold up the flight line to measure the distance each time someone drops a bomb.

Event judges may periodically mark the 3 closest bombs with flags and remove other bombs from the drop area and runway as required.  Only the best bomb drop from each pilot will be scored. Fixed wing aircraft only.  No hovering or high alpha maneuvers.  FPV is acceptable (AMA rules apply).  After the aircraft has safely taken off, if the bomb falls off prematurely it plays where it lies.  If the aircraft crashes, the drop is disqualified.

Bomb Example
Material = cloth, filled with rice
Color = Orange
Dimensions = 7.5″ x 2″ x 1″
Weight = approx. 29g
Pilot Identification = mark with your initials or unique number

The Bomb
The Bomb

Here are the bomb drop mechanisms that will be available at the event as “loaners”.  Any participating pilot may borrow one of these and attach it to their aircraft with tape, velcro, binder twine, static cling, magic…we don’t care.  Just bring it back when you are done so others may use them.  Or copy the design and build your own.  Or better yet, make your own in advance and get some practice before you come out!

HDRCC Bomb Drop Mechanism
Right off the assembly line! HDRCC Bomb Drops Mechanisms.

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