Drone Wars – Paintball vs. Drones

Paintball vs. Drones Overview
Spectators will be able to shoot at designated target drones during designated times.  This not a contest and is meant for entertainment purposes only.  Participants will purchase a ticket at the main booth, sign a waiver form, and then present the ticket to the paintball shooting area.  When you run out of paint-balls, you are free to purchase another ticket and try again.  This event is subject to strict safety protocols.  Any participant may be asked to cease their interaction and vacate the area immediately if their actions are believed to be unsafe.

Pilots, feel free to bring your old beater or shiney new plane to donate as a target plane.  All target aircraft are subject to an inspection and approval prior to flight.

Do not bring your own paint-ball equipment.  It will not be permitted on the property outside of your vehicle.


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