Club Roster Now on Website

As requested, the active club roster is now available on the website.  This data can only be accessed by those who have logged in to the website AND are active club members.  With this roster, you can look up club members, contact info, and review your club membership status.  To access the club roster please follow these steps:

  1. If you do not have an account with the website you can create one under the “Account Access” section on any page of the website.
  2. Log into the website using your account info. If you are logged in you will see “Howdy, [login name]” in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Click on the “Club Roster” link on the top navigation bar
  4. If you do not see the “Club Roster” link, please email and request your website account be upgraded to a Member status.

We try to automatically upgrade our club members website status to the appropriate status, but many use different names with their accounts and we can not always match up web accounts with club member names without a little extra help.

Feel free to give us feedback on this new website capability.

Welcome, Greg Stevens!

Greg is our newest club member and is focused on multirotor aircraft.  He has been flying with the club for awhile now and has helped us out with our advertising.  Check out the video on our home page…that’s Greg’s work.  Thanks, Greg!

New HDRCC Club Member

A big welcome to Rob D. of Reno.  Rob joined our club today and is now the second flyer at the field that does FPV Quadcopter Racing.  Might we see a challenge in the near future?  No wagering…unless the club gets a cut!  😉

Welcome, new members!

A big welcome goes out to Ana Johnson and Eli Whitney. They both joined HDRCC on July 12 during our Drone Wars event. We hope both of you enjoy your experience with our club. Ana started off her first day in the club with win in our Bomb Drop competition, Ana took home 1st place trophy.

Winners of the Drone Wars Bomb Drop Competition, Left to Right – Mark Beadle (3rd), Brad Amussen (2nd) and Ana Johnson (1st)