Desert Flying Sites

Occasionally, club members will gather and fly off a dry lake bed.  These locations offer a wide and open flight and runway area which is perfect for testing new aircraft or flying large or fast aircraft.  These sites are rustic, without any services and are not recognized AMA flying locations.  We do recommend that individuals have AMA membership when flying at these or any flying site.

Silver Springs/Fort Churchill

39°17’33.86″N    119°10’49.88″W


  1. From the Hwy 50/Hwy 95A intersection in Silver Springs, head South on Hwy 95A
  2. Continue for approx. 8.5 and cross the Carson River
  3. Continue 0.75 miles and turn left on Simpson Rd.  There is a sign pointing to the left indicating a camping area.  This is a dirt road.
  4. Continue on Simpson Rd. for 2.25 miles and turn left.  There is a sign there that points left to “Horse Camp”
  5. Continue for 1.25 miles and you will see the dry lake bed on your right.
  6. Entering the dry lake bed, swing to the right and follow the edge around to avoid flying aircraft.