Swap Meet & Fun-Fly, October 14-15


7am – Indoor & Outdoor R/C Swap Meet
7am – Open Flying begins with separate fixed wing and helicopter and drone area (it’s big)
9am – Spot Landing Contest
11am – Bomb Drop competition (3x bean bags provided or bring your own)
1pm – Airplane Drag Racing
2pm – Award ceremony
6:19pm – Night flying
7pm – Night Time Bomb Drop Competition after dark (glow sticks provided)


Pilot/Seller Name *

Spot Landing Competition

Oct. 14, 9am

Bomb-Drop Competition

Oct. 14, 11am

Airplane Drag Racing

Oct. 14, 1pm

Night Bomb-Drop Competition

Oct. 14, once it gets dark



This is for October 14-15 and covers flying both days, flying Saturday night, selling both days, dry camping and tons of fun.  This is an INDOOR & OUTDOOR swap meet so it will happen rain or shine.  We have plenty of room so bring all you can to sell.  There are only a few tables on site so bring your own if you can.

We encourage you to join one or more of the competitions being held on Saturday during the day and night.

Spectators are always welcome at no charge.  Sellers and/or pilots are required to register online or the day of the event.  $10 per participant covers open flying and selling and join one or more competitions for just $5 per event.

All proceeds help us keep our club in operation.